Manuela the brand was found 2005 in Helsinki, it was only women’s wear back that time.

The Manuela - kids design was established years later in 2011

in Budapest, after the designer got her two daughters.

The new inspiration came from the girl's early childhood.

Flipy was found in May at 2014, this new kind of flip-flop is made under

the brand of Manuela.






Manuela - kids design brand is shortly described as “decorative minimalism”

where the Scandinavian puritanism meets the Hungarian decorative and colourful floral culture. The East European childhood dreams put into the present with a utopian style.

We do not follow directly each seasonal cuts and colours but we follow our

own perspective way of organically floating in every day surrounding life,

which of course contains inspirational colours and shapes.

The personal presence is crucial in our designs. We give personality by using 

our own patterns on fabrics. These patterns used in a way where the graphic is not just a pattern but carrying a message of each collection and it stands out itself as an art piece.

The message is always important, each collection’s heart is the message passed

by the pattern. The story behind the pattern often comes from Manuela's childhood. 

We work with enthusiastic people who do care about making good quality.

The patterns are designed by Manuela, produced in Turkey.

Manufactured in Hungary.



See Manuela's artwork here

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